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SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization aims to increase the number of visitors to a web site from unpaid, “organic” search engine listings by improving rankings. The term Search Engine Optimization describes a diverse set of activities that you can perform to increase the amount of targeted traffic that comes to your website from search engines.

Our Orlando SEO team of experts understands well that our SEO should focus on conversions, not just search engine ranks! Here are some very common SEO tasks recommended by our Orlando SEO team of experts.

• Targeted keywords in your page copy

• Include links to theme-related pages

• Include links to essential site pages

• Split keywords into smaller, targeted Ad Groups

• Split-testing your ads

• Remove non-performing keywords

• Use Negative Keyword filtering

• Check to see which keywords Google thinks is relevant for your landing page

• Keyword-based Domain Name

• If possible, register a domain name using one or more of your keywords

• Keep your content themed and organized, make it easy for spiders to categorize and catalogue your pages

• Use Keywords properly, use in header tags. Bold, italic, and underline some keywords

• Your website should have pages like Contact Page, About Us Page, Privacy Policy Page

• Install aphysical sitemap, also google site maps. 

   We use third party tools to generate sitemap for your website.

• Keyword Density. Keep keyword use at 2.5% to 6%

• Use meta tags properly. Create unique meta tags for every web page. Insert your keywords on your

   Title tags. Use the | symbol to separate your keywords. Use your Description tag to “sell” your 

    site. Search Engines usually use this in the SERPs.

• Use image tags and include your keyword, plus the word “image” or “graphic”. 

• Check validity of Html code: Watch for missing tags, broken links, invalid characters. 

  Use either HTML 4.01 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 and keep the code valid.    http://validator.w3.org/

• Focus on Links From Authority & Similarly Themed Sites

• The Key is Consistent Link Building

• Too much too soon will land you on the Google Sandbox.

• Vary Your Anchor Text To Appear Natural

• Static URLs typically rank better in search engines. Search engines are known to index the content

   of dynamic pages much more slowly than that of static pages. Static URLs look friendlier to end  users

• Make sure that you are hosted in the country that you are targeting!

• .com

• .ie in Ireland

• .co.uk in UK

• .co.in in India

• etc

Apart from SEO there are Other internet marketing strategies recommended by our Orlando internet marketing team.

• Usability driven information architecture

• Effective copywriting

• Affiliate programs

• Email marketing and online newsletters

• Submit articles to Article Directories

• Submit to Human-edited directories only

• Web traffic analysis and web analytics

• If budget allows, undertake both SEO and SEM as SEM enables ROI tracking (leads and conversions)

Our expert Orlando web design team design such that it provides access to information in a way that enhances understanding, reflects brand, and increase to overall credibility of a site. Our professional Orlando graphic team also creates graphic considering the basics of SEO and understands that new technologies — such as Flash and AJAX — may be boons for usability and have a certain “cool factor,” but may make a site entirely invisible to a search engine spider if not used properly. Our web design and graphic design team have great skills in building website with great ease of information navigation.

With our endless efforts in internet marketing, we remain a leading Orlando advertising agency following the base approach that creating a web site with a search engine optimized architecture is a major contributing factor in achieving and maintaining high search engine rankings.

Let Yuppify help you with your internet marketing.

Contact Orlando advertising agency, Yuppify.com for all your web development needs, from Orlando website design to Orlando graphic design, and all the work in between.

By: Gloria Rand

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